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Ovvio Oils Slumber Room Diffuser Oil

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G'night. No more sleepless nights.

Drift into blissful, sound slumber with this all-natural alternative to habit-forming sleeping pills. Eases anxiety and quiets a busy mind so you can get your beauty sleep and wake refreshed.

· 100% organic, therapeutic-grade essential oils of Roman chamomile, copaiba, sweet marjoram, Peru balsam, lemon, tangerine, vetiver and lavandin
· Add 1-2 drops of essential oil to a cotton ball and place near your pillow or scent your pillow directly by massaging 1-2 drops in your palm, then running your hands over your pillow
· To scent your room, place 3-5 drops in a cool-mist diffuser like the Supernova (08497) ~ the hydrating mist will help moisten and open noisy nasal passages
· 0.5 fl. oz.