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Serene House Natural Pure Single Note Essential Oil

Item #03275
Color: Eucalyptus

Size: One Size

Item #: 03275

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Description & Details

Pure & natural. Essential oil therapy.

Healthy, safe and natural...for you and our planet. From seed to soil to shelf, quality is paramount to create Serene House's precious essential oils. With a dedication to fair-trade practices and chemical-free growing, they build personal relationships with farmers around the world ensuring they know where every ingredient originates. Each plant is distilled, extracted and cold-pressed according to its individual needs for the purest, most beneficial oils. Try a few drops in a diffuser (we love these) or mix with your favorite carrier oil.
. Cruelty-free
. Bottled in the USA
. Available in:
eucalyptus (cool refreshment that stimulates mind & body)
grapefruit (tangy citrus sparks a burst of energy and a happy, good mood)
. 0.5 oz.
Add 5-10 drops of essential oil to your favorite Serene House Ultrasonic Diffuser
100% Eucalyptus 100% Grapefruit