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Serene House Natural Pure Single Note Essential Oil

Item #03275

Choose your color: Eucalyptus
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Description & Details

Pure & natural. Essential oil therapy.

Healthy, safe and natural...for you and our planet. From seed to soil to shelf, quality is paramount to create Serene House's precious essential oils. With a dedication to fair-trade practices and chemical-free growing, they build personal relationships with farmers around the world ensuring they know where every ingredient originates. Each plant is distilled, extracted and cold-pressed according to its individual needs for the purest, most beneficial oils. Try a few drops in a diffuser (we love these) or mix with your favorite carrier oil.
. Cruelty-free
. Bottled in the USA
. Available in:
eucalyptus (cool refreshment that stimulates mind & body)
grapefruit (tangy citrus sparks a burst of energy and a happy, good mood)
. 0.5 oz.
Add 5-10 drops of essential oil to your favorite Serene House Ultrasonic Diffuser
100% Eucalyptus 100% Grapefruit
Serene House

Improve your sense of well-being through healing aromatherapy. Serene House brings nature into your home with their collection of beautiful, personal air care diffusers that fill your home and your mind with fresh, healthy air and a feeling of joyful contentment. Just a few drops in the aromatherapeutic diffuser eases stress, encourages a restful night's sleep or energizes your soul.

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