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Serene House Supernova Room Diffuser & Humidifier

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Description & Details

Diffuse the situation. Aromatherapy for well-being.

Breathe in relief. This room diffuser and humidifier uses ultrasonic vibrations and cool mist to fill your space with the natural healing benefits of aromatherapeutic essential oils. Place in your room to promote better sleep or ease a migraine, muscle aches, stress and more.

· Beautifully detailed ceramic cover atop sturdy, easy-clean plastic base
· Diffuser essential oils sold separately
· 5"D x 7-1/2"H
· Timer option with 60, 90 or 120 minutes
· Cycles through seven soothing colors, locks on your favorite hue to suit your mood or can feature no color at all
· Continuous Run time is 7 hours before refilling is necessary
Remove ceramic cover. Remove water container lid and fill with natural and clean water (not steam distilled water). Add a few drops of your choice of essential oils to the water. Place water container lid and ceramic cover back on the unit and push start. Select your timer option and color option. Clean after each use. Do not let water get inside the unit. Ceramic cover is breakable, handle with care.
Serene House

Improve your sense of well-being through healing aromatherapy. Serene House brings nature into your home with their collection of beautiful, personal air care diffusers that fill your home and your mind with fresh, healthy air and a feeling of joyful contentment. Just a few drops in the aromatherapeutic diffuser eases stress, encourages a restful night's sleep or energizes your soul.

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