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Skin Gym Jade Eye Flowies

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No more puffy eyes with natural jade.

Authentic jade, carved and polished by hand, massages over skin around the eyes to smooth and depuff, lift and contour, fade lines and wrinkles, and relax eye muscles for firmer, brighter, more youthful eyes. The cooling, massaging action helps stimulate circulation and release trapped lymphatic fluids that cause eye bags and dark circles. The ergonomic design puts total control in your hands to navigate your facial contours…such a treat at the end of the day. Use the flowies after applying your favorite serums and creams to boost the anti-aging benefits.
. Pro tip: place your flowies in the fridge to enhance the cooling and depuffing benefits
"After applying oil/serum focusing around the cheeks, under eye, brow and jaw area use light movements to glide the tool up and towards the ears for 2 minutes. Use your flowies daily for 3-5 minutes.Pro tip: place them in the refrigerator a few minutes before use.Cleaning: Rinse them off or wipe them down the roller with a moist towelette and dry thoroughly."

Skin Gym
As seen in Vogue, Allure, Elle, Marie Claire + more. A favorite of A-listers, estheticians and beauty editors, Skin Gym makes your beauty routine really work. Their collection of modern beauty tools combines ancient skin care techniques and the power of natural healing crystals to sculpt skin. Maximizes the results of your fave serums and creams by pushing them deeper into the skin for firm, beautiful radiance.

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