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This Works Sleep Plus+ Pillow Spray

Item #08773 -
Choose your size: 2.5 Fl. Oz.
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From restless to well-rested in a spritz.

96% felt they had less disturbed sleep
94% felt less restless during the night
97% felt more awake in the day (after using sleep plus )

No more tossing and turning. This med-free sleep solution mists your pillow with soothing essential oils to help you stay asleep. Time-released formula gradually releases aromatherapy to keep you blissfully in dreamland all night long.

· Encapsulated Sleep Superblend of lavender, vetiver and chamomile
· Calms and soothes anxious minds, bringing harmony to your sleep cycle
· Supports your anti-aging nighttime regimen because your body's cell repair goes into overdrive when you are in the deepest part of sleep
· Nourish your body while you deep sleep with anti-aging Sleep Plus Dream Body Cream (08774)
· 2.5 fl. oz.