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Tina•K Microneedle K

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1 minute of micro-needling = firmer, smoother skin that lasts.

The clinicals and testimonials for micro-needling are off the charts: 1000x better skin care absorption, lifts & sculpts contours, lightens dark spots, minimizes pores, retexturizes skin, smoothes cellulite and erases stretch marks and scars. This handheld micro-needling roller from celebrity aesthetician Tina K delivers professional micro-needling results in the comfort of your home. Using a simple rolling motion (without pressure), the roller's 1200 titanium needles penetrate the skin's surface just enough to activate collagen and elastin production (the supportive structure and building blocks of youthful skin). You won't believe how plump, smooth and radiant your skin will be with just one treatment.
. For advanced results, use Tina K Antioxidant K (09272) with your derma roller
. As with any micro-needling device, it's important to use caution. Use gentle strokes to sculpt your skin, never forceful pressure. Roll over the same area of skin 5-10 times, just until it pinks. Splash your face with water and apply a thin layer of hydrocortisone cream to finish.
. It's imperative that you sterilize your tool before and after every use to keep it bacteria-free. To cleanse, simply swipe with alcohol. Never share your derma roller with others.
Mix 2 pumps of AntioxidanTK with water in the palm of your hands and apply directly to the area of skin youll be treating. Without applying pressure, roll the MicroneedleK vertically, horizontally and diagonally over the same patch of skin 5-10 times, or until it is just slightly pink. Rinse with water and immediately follow with a thin layer of hydrocortisone cream. We recommend performing this treatment twice a week before bed to optimize results. This way you're working with your skin's natural nightly reparative process to ensure you wake up and go about your day with fabulous, glowing skin! TINA TIP: What's your go-to workout? Yoga, spinning, running, weight training? Think of this handy device as your all-in-one, fool proof skin care boot camp! Just like your favorite workout sculpts your body, this microneedle tool sculpts your skin. It takes commitment and dedication to see results, but doesn't involve pain, sweat or copious amounts of time. It's your own personal #skingym! Remember, don't apply too much pressure. It's designed to easily and gently roll over your skin, so there's no need to press. Just roll and watch as your skin starts to wake up.

Tina K
Developed by esthetician and skin expert Tina Keshishian, owner of TINA•K Skin Studio in LA, the TINA•K skin care line harnesses the power of the sun to reverse the effects of vitamin D deficiency on the skin (premature aging and inflammation). From topicals that infuse skin-saving vitamin D3 and antioxidants into the skin to tools that stimulate vibrant cell turnover, TINA•K counteracts the visible signs of D deficiency to nourish, tighten, brighten and refresh skin.

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