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Vita Juwel ViA Wellness Vial Stirrer

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The healing power of gem water

For hundreds of years, Chinese healers have used crystals in their therapies to balance patients' chi, or life energy, for better health, beauty and serenity. Found in exclusive spas around the world, crystal-infused water charges every cell in your body with the natural, transformative power of crystals. Handcrafted in the Austrian Alps, patented wand of Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz infuses your water decanter with the crystals' energy. Simply swirl the wand in your water decanter, wait 7-10 minutes and enjoy the healing benefits of gem water. You may remove the wand or let it be for a lovely bejeweled centerpiece.
· Amethyst is known to alleviate stress, lower blood pressure and promote healthy skin.
· Rose Quartz is known to promote tranquility, enhance circulation and foster soft, beautiful skin.
· Clear Quartz is known to ease pain and fevers, balance hormones and boost the effects of the other crystals.
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