Enchante Perfume

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Enchanté - Embrace The Possibilities

She could barely see the lights from the Eiffel Tower through the mist descending on the city. Cozy inside... sipping espresso at her favorite bistro, considering dessert. A sudden breeze - the door sweeps open, she glances up. He's handsome, faintly confused - lost perhaps? So American. He smiles into her eyes. She can feel it in her toes. He pulls up a chair. In broken French, he asks about the song playing. In English, she answers, "it says 'kiss me, kiss me tonight'." "and shall I?" he ask, still holding her gaze. "Enchante," she smiles.

A PERSONAL FRAGRANCE. Artistic, captivating, sensual and fascinating...a signature scent. Inspired by a memory, this elegant Pure Perfume Oil comes in a 0.3 fl. oz. roller ball. Perfume Oil is the most concentrated form of perfume, without the usual alcohol, color additives or fillers. Perfume Oil, a ritual treasured by royalty for centuries, lasts through the day, gradually unveiling its sophisticated composition. Composed for us by a world renowned perfumer: top notes of night-blooming Jasmine mingle with exotic Bergamot and Mandarin Orange, finished with a sensual yet subtle undertone of Musk to create a scent at once enticing and disarming.