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Bedding & Home

Balloon Drapery Panel$119.95 to $179.95 $95.96 to $179.95
Lavishly Full Sheer Panel$79.16 to $129.95 $79.16 to $103.96
Lattice Ginger Jars$69.95 to $89.95Top Rated
Roussillon Rug$89.95 to $1,339.95
Pet Throws$59.95 to $79.95Top Rated
Veranda Mat$59.95 to $89.95Top Rated
Manzanita Rug$98.95 to $1,149.95
Acanthe Lamp$89.95Top Rated
Andalucia Rug$89.95 to $1,339.95
Asmara Rug$98.95 to $1,598.95
Marissa Rug$98.95 to $1,739.95
Laguna Rug$89.95 to $539.95
Santa Ana Rug$89.95 to $539.95
Chania Rug$89.95Top Rated
Lille Rug$79.95 to $1,159.95Top Rated
Toulouse Indoor/Outdoor Rug$79.95 to $389.95Top Rated
Key West Indoor/Outdoor Rug$98.95 to $169.95 $79.99 to $134.99
Antonia Eyelet Sheet Set$109.95 to $169.95 $87.96 to $135.96
Rochelle Fringed Blanket$119.95 to $169.95 $95.96 to $135.96
Côte d'Sud Striped Sheet Set$119.95 to $179.95 $94.99 to $144.99
Balloon Bedskirt$98.95 to $129.95 $79.16 to $103.96
Camille Drapery Panel$109.95 to $149.95 $87.96 to $119.96
Palermo Quilt$129.95 to $189.95 $99.99 to $139.99
Balloon Bedskirt I$98.95 to $129.95 $69.98 to $79.98
Semplice Ruffled Bedskirt$89.95 to $98.95 $71.96 to $79.16
Cielo Euro Sham$98.95 $79.16Top Rated
Pajaro Tropicale Home Accent Scarf$119.95 to $149.95 $89.99 to $109.99
Charlotte Flannel Sheet Set$88.95 to $158.95 $49.98 to $99.98
Heritage Bedskirt$179.95 to $198.95 $99.99 to $119.99

Surround yourself with soft, beautiful décor and linens in every room of your home. Whether you are looking for wall art, candles, throw pillows, furniture or bedding, we bring you exclusive choices inspired by our travels around the world. Take our home décor, for example. We don’t just sell accent pieces: Instead, you can furnish your home in soft textures and colors from our selection of chairs, tables, cabinets, and rugs. Many of our pieces are hand crafted, finished, and painted, making them truly one-of-a-kind. Don’t forget our seasonal decoration collections: They change throughout the year and help you celebrate in ways that are anything but ordinary!Because we believe that anything that touches your skin should be as soft as possible, we select our luxury bedding with the same care as we do our clothing. Each sheet, pillowcase, sham, and quilt is subject to our proprietary Softness Rating system, so you’ll know what to expect from our beautiful designs.