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Bedding & Home - Bedding: Blankets & Throws

Petites Bianca Bed Sham$49.95 to $59.95Top Rated
Petites Delphina Cotton/Linen Sheet Set$169.95 to $219.95 $109.99 to $149.99
Petites Balloon Bedskirt$98.95 to $139.95Top Rated
Petites Antonia Eyelet Sheet Set$129.95 to $169.95 $94.99 to $124.99
Petites Balloon Bedskirt Extra-Long$129.95 to $169.95 $104.99 to $139.95
Petites Silk Comforter$349.95 to $549.95Top Rated
Petites Cielo Euro Sham$98.95 $74.99Top Rated
Petites Jardin Maroc Quilt$239.95 to $259.95Top Rated
Petites Semplice Ruffled Bedskirt$98.95 to $109.95 $74.99 to $84.99
Petites Positano Bed Sham$39.95 to $49.95Top Rated
Petites Positano Quilt$79.95 to $169.95Top Rated
Petites Adagio Bed Sham$39.95 to $49.95Top Rated
Petites Adagio Comforter$169.95 to $219.95Top Rated
Petites French Market Quilt$198.95 to $259.95Top Rated
Petites Chalet Bed Sham$49.95 to $59.95Top Rated
Petites Chalet Quilt$159.95 to $198.95Top Rated
Petites Ariya Tapestry Coverlet$309.95 to $329.95Top Rated
Petites Balloon Bedskirt Extra-Long I$168.00 to $178.00 $109.99 to $124.99

Blankets and throws are an essential part of every household. Whether you are looking for a little extra warmth while watching television, need an extra blanket for a guest, or your comforter need some reinforcement during the cold months, our collection has something for you.Throws are also an easy way to enhance and update a room’s décor. As their name suggests, just throw one of these colorful, soft blankets on a sofa, love seat, or chair to brighten a room. Upholstery need updating? Cover the piece with a throw for an inexpensive fix.Our collection is made from a range of materials, each suited for different seasons and homes. Light linen blankets are perfect for cool nights in a beach home, while faux-mohair blankets will keep you cozy by the fireplace this winter. We assign softness ratings to our blankets, just as we do with our clothing, so you can choose one that wraps you in the level of comfort you desire.