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Clothing - Jackets & Coats

Park City Puffer Coat$140.00 $89.00
Limited time pricing!
Campera Shacket$120.00 $69.00Top Rated
Limited time pricing!
Realms Quilted Jacket$110.00 $49.99Top Rated
Limited time pricing!
Free Rein Topper$89.95 $64.99Top Rated
Vixi Linen Blazer$120.00 $89.99Top Rated
Campana Jacket$99.95 $69.99Top Rated
Bardot Gauze Jacket$89.95 $59.99Top Rated
Resort Life Jacket$98.95 $64.99Top Rated
Lisse Topper$89.95 $59.99Top Rated
Calista Jacket$89.95 $69.99Top Rated
Grandeur Jacket$200.00 $120.99
Limited time pricing!
Garland Faux Fur Vest$110.00 $69.00
Limited time pricing!
Arthouse Vest$99.95 $69.99Top Rated
Birgitta Coat$200.00 $120.00
Limited time pricing!
Go Lively Bestow Travel Wrap Jacket$120.00 $74.99Top Rated
Limited time pricing!
Snowline Metallic Puffer Vest$99.95 $59.00
Limited time pricing!
Glories Abstract Kimono$79.95 $49.99Top Rated
Laguna Topper$79.95 $49.99Top Rated
Regina Topper$110.00 $79.99Top Rated
Expressionist Topper$180.00 $129.99Top Rated
Ballia Topper$110.00Top Rated
Keiki Vest$79.95 $49.99Top Rated
Colours Duster$200.00 $139.99Top Rated
Renature Topper$89.95 $69.99Top Rated
Maxwell Coat$200.00 $120.00
Limited time pricing!
Snowline Puffer Vest$99.95 $59.99
Limited time pricing!
Rhinehardt Vest$110.00 $79.00Top Rated
Limited time pricing!
Botanical Bliss Vest$79.95 $54.99Top Rated
Icon Velvet Bolero$140.00 $89.99Top Rated
Beech Shirt Jacket$99.95 $59.99 to $99.95
Limited time pricing!
Cati Topper$69.95 $49.99Top Rated
Azula Topper$110.00 $79.99Top Rated
Ambrosia Topper$110.00 $69.99Top Rated
Batiki Bay Topper$79.95 $49.99Top Rated
Queendom Topper$99.95 $69.99Top Rated
Calorosa Topper$99.95 $69.99Top Rated
Alandra Topper$79.95 $49.99Top Rated
Bree Embroidered Jacket$99.95 $69.99Top Rated
Mele Gauze Bolero$49.95 $34.99Top Rated
Riona Jacket$110.00 $79.99Top Rated
Huli Topper$99.95 $69.99Top Rated
Betania Vest$79.95 $49.99Top Rated
Mari Bolero$120.00 $99.99Top Rated
Flor Topper$99.95 $69.99Top Rated
Go Lively Shibori Anorak$140.00 $99.99Top Rated
Alba Faux Leather Jacket$200.00 $139.99Top Rated
Ipanema Lace Bolero$160.00 $109.99Top Rated
Go Lively Trench Coat$160.00 $109.99Top Rated
Floriana Topper$120.00 $89.99Top Rated
Moonlit Terrace Vest$110.00 $78.99Top Rated
Rue Cler Zip Hoodie$89.95 $59.99 to $69.99
Art Nouveau Topper$110.00 $79.99Top Rated
Go Lively Metallic Anorak$140.00 $99.99Top Rated
Cool Cat Kimono$89.95 $59.99Top Rated
Lyra Jacket$110.00 $79.99Top Rated
Star Fire Jacket$290.00 $199.99Top Rated
Cabin Life Car Coat$180.00 $119.99Top Rated
Cosette Button Coat$180.00 $119.99Top Rated
North Cabin Cardi$99.95 $59.99
Limited time pricing!
Plaid Faux Fur Coat$200.00 $119.98Top Rated
Limited time pricing!
Newstead Abbey Cape$200.00 $139.99Top Rated
Austen Kimono$99.95Top Rated
Endless Nights Topper$79.95 $59.99Top Rated
Polara Cable Sweater Jacket$150.00 $89.99Top Rated
Limited time pricing!
Go Lively Travel Wrap Jacket$99.95 $59.99 to $99.95
Limited time pricing!
Cambridge Cay Cardi$99.95 $69.99Top Rated
Ultimate Denim Bolero$79.95 $49.99 to $79.95
Lita Topper$99.95 $69.99Top Rated
Playa Bonita Cardigan$59.95 $50.00Top Rated
Limited time pricing!
Catalpa Topper$99.95 $69.99Top Rated
Rendezvous Topper$89.95 $59.99Top Rated
Impressionist Topper$98.95 $59.99Top Rated
Leopardess Jacket$120.00 $89.99Top Rated
Petra Jacket$98.95 $64.99Top Rated
Corinna Hoodie$108.95 $76.99Top Rated
St. James Jacket$118.95 $89.00Top Rated
Limited time pricing!
Mesa Button Vest$98.95 $79.99Top Rated

Women’s Coats and Jackets.

At Soft Surroundings, we believe in dressing the whole woman. Top off your look with our women’s coats and jackets. Our outerwear will keep you warm, but that’s just the beginning. An outer layer gives you the opportunity to express your personal style. We’ve curated unique women’s coats you won’t see anywhere else. Find women’s lightweight jackets, flowy kimonos, plush coats, formal jackets, and more.

Types of Coats and Jackets:

Bolero — Boleros are cropped jackets. Lace, beading, and other details make our women’s bolero jackets truly special.

Topper — Topper jackets are open, flowy outerwear. Explore our eye-catching patterns.

Duster Coat — Impress with these stunning floor-length jackets. Try our patterned coats for a show-stopping look.

Kimono Jacket — Move gracefully in a kimono. Flowy and wide-sleeved, we’ve collected elegant options to explore.

Sweater Jacket — Nestle into a sweater jacket, where you get the best of both worlds. It offers soft sweater comfort with the convenience of a front closure.

Vest — Vests are sleeveless coats that can add warmth or interest to your outfit. Find a range from plush faux fur to lightweight, breezy styles.

Coat — Everyone needs a good coat to rely on when it gets cold. We offer different lengths for a variety of occasions.

How to Style Coats and Jackets:

For evening wear, boleros are a good coat option. They’re fitted and won’t weigh down your look. You can also make outerwear the star by donning a duster over sleek black pants and a neutral blouse. Kimonos and toppers are ideal for romantic, carefree outfits. With a billowy silhouette, they work well layered over pants. Add a long necklace to enhance the boho vibe. Finish your look with jeans and boots!

If you work in a chilly office, stylish outerwear is key. A lightweight coat that’s fitted and hits at the waist will keep your look clean and sharp. Hoodies are essential for loungewear. For a modern, on-the-go outfit, pair a hoodie with leggings and sneakers. On cold days, hats and gloves are other ways to stylize your coat and keep you warm.

Our women’s outerwear comes in a range of sizes. You’ll be able to find misses, tall, petite and plus sizing. All of our special sizing is uniquely proportioned, which offers a beautiful, comfortable fit.