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Plus Size

Women Jumeirah Pants$98.95 $89.99Top Rated
Women Savannah Pants$79.95 $69.99Top Rated
Women Lazy Sunday Pants$89.95 $69.99Top Rated
Women Shapely Skort$98.95 $69.99Top Rated
Women Accente Pants$59.95 $39.99Top Rated
Women Philomena Pants$89.95 $59.99Top Rated
Women Amara Pants$79.95 $49.99Top Rated
Women Moonstruck Pants$89.95 $39.99Top Rated
Women Emiko Pants$89.95 $39.98Top Rated
Women Aberdeen Pants$89.95 $29.98Top Rated
Women Metro Leggings$69.95 $19.97Top Rated

Women’s leggings and pants are wardrobe staples. That’s why we offer such a large selection at Soft Surroundings. Whether you are looking for casual slacks, cool crops or something more formal, our range has something for you. For many women, comfortable pants are essential for getting through the day. We offer pants and slacks in a variety of cuts, colors, and fabrics. Many of them go great with our tops and tunics and you can easily round out your look with a pair of our shoes, boots or sandals. Leggings are also a big hit with our customers and they are incredibly versatile. They can be worn on their own around the house or while exercising, and look great when worn under a long sweater, tunic or even a dress. Many of our leggings and pants also incorporate new fabric technology that can provide both comfort and support, giving you an attractive silhouette. We also give our slacks a Softness Rating, so you know what to expect, even when you order online.