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Bedding & Home - Holiday Decor: Home Fragrance

Our sense of smell is incredibly strong. Breathing in the crisp scent of pine or rich spices can take us back to childhood memories of holidays spent with beloved family and friends. At Soft Surroundings, we've assembled a collection of holiday fragrances in multiple forms so that you can easily delight in them whenever you wish.One option is a holiday candle. Our scented candles from Nest and other fine candle makers come in a variety of fragrances, allowing you to evoke a seasonal atmosphere every time you light the wick. Candles also provide inviting illumination, perfect for an evening nesting at home.If you are concerned about open flames, explore our collection of scent diffusers. Nest’s scented reed diffusers is a modern, flameless twist on standard incense sticks. We also offer exquisite traditional diffusers in a variety of designs: Add the scented oil of your choice and enjoy.