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Bedding & Home - Home Fragrance

Our sense of smell and play a huge role in our emotions and well-being. That is why Soft Surroundings offers a collection of home fragrances that can enhance the atmosphere of your home and lighten the mood of everyone who enters it. Because everyone is different, we not only carry a wide range of fragrances, we also offer multiple options for enjoying them. From diffusers to scented candles, we have what you need.Our collection of scented candles includes NEST, a brand known for its classic design, cosmetic grade wax, and magnificent sense that of been crafted by master perfumers. These unique fragrances are exclusive to the brand, creating an unforgettable impression on anyone who visits your home.If you are looking for a flameless option, NEST also offers reed and liquidless stick infusers, which release scents slowly over time. Another option is one of our decorative infusers paired with the fragrance oil of your choice: They look like sculpture and add make for beautiful, functional decor.Candles and diffusers make wonderful gifts as well. Treat yourself, or someone you love, today.