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Bedding & Home - Rugs

Shearling Rug$109.95 to $669.95Top Rated
Samraja Rug$239.00 to $1,698.95Top Rated
Veranda Mat$59.95 to $89.95Top Rated
Cartagena Rug$139.95 to $1,598.95
Viola Rug$49.95 to $589.95
Tresse Leather Rug$39.95 to $298.95Top Rated
Dauphine Rug$139.95 to $698.95
Rosa d'Abril Rug$49.95 to $549.95Top Rated
Andalucia Rug$89.95 to $1,339.95
Dallas Rug$189.95 to $429.95
Vintage Panthera Rug$349.95 to $2,229.95Top Rated
Fields of Gold Rug$298.95 to $1,298.95
Eleanor Rug$298.95 to $998.95
Leslie Rug$298.95 to $998.95
Trento Rug$249.95 to $1,719.95
Alhambra Rug$249.95 to $898.95
Ediline Rug$59.95 to $429.95
Charon Rug$219.95 to $1,069.95
Elisse Rug$198.95 to $1,398.95
Santiago Rug$198.95 to $1,398.95
Dynasty Rug$198.95 to $849.95
Marissa Rug$98.95 to $1,739.95
Manzanita Rug$98.95 to $1,149.95
Tayen Rug$139.95 to $939.95
Rug Pad$19.95 to $298.95
Poemme Rug$159.95 to $1,598.95
Valentina Rug$129.95 to $919.95
Taza Rug$129.95 to $598.95
Gabriela Rug$129.95 to $929.95
Calabria Rug$119.95 to $1,198.95
Madalene Rug$119.95 to $1,239.95
Pinara Rug$109.95 to $739.95Top Rated
Villach Rug$98.95 to $1,528.95
Asmara Rug$98.95 to $1,598.95
Roussillon Rug$89.95 to $1,339.95
Alicante Rug$29.95 to $219.95

Rugs add color and style to an area, while also helping to keep your feet warm and comfortable. At Soft Surroundings, we've curated a collection of small and room size rugs unlike any other. Ranging in size, style, and materials, you'll be able to find something to meet your needs.First, you want to decide if you're looking for an indoor or outdoor rug. Our outdoor rugs are sturdy and resistant to the elements. They make excellent additions to your patio or deck, and some are even reversible, allowing you easily change the look of these areas. Outdoor rugs are also made from easy-to-care-for materials: A garden hose is all you need to get them clean!Our indoor rugs, including French country rugs, ethnic prints, and contemporary designs, are soft and gentle to your feet. Many even come in more than one size, so you can find something that is perfect for any room in your home.