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Clothing - Intimate Solutions

It's a secret that all women know: What you wear under your clothing can have as much impact on how you look, and feel, as the clothes themselves. That's why Soft Surroundings offers a full range of women's undergarments, including shapewear and bras. From basics to specialized solutions, we have you covered. Our basics begin with underwear in a full range of sizes, colors, and cuts. Some incorporate new fabric technology that provides comfortable support and control. We've even introduced a line of discrete incontinence panties. Soft Surroundings bras also come in multiple styles and colors, including a range of skin tones. We also offer camisoles, tank tops and “tubes” that provide additional, beautiful coverage for women wearing clothes with lower necklines. Many of our women's undergarments also carry a softness rating, so that you can know what to expect even when ordering online. Take a moment to browser collection and treat yourself to something wonderful.