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Women Velvet Boyfriend Shirt$79.95 $59.99 to $79.95
Women Seika Shirt$79.95 $69.99 to $79.95
Women Livvie Tunic$98.95 $89.99Top Rated
Women Ottavia Shirt$89.95 $79.99Top Rated
Women Arlo Top$69.95 $59.99Top Rated
Women Anywhere Tee$59.95 $49.99Top Rated
Women Linnea Top$89.95 $69.99Top Rated
Women Viola Tunic$79.95 $59.99Top Rated
Women Riyah Tunic$98.95 $69.99Top Rated
Women Marina Tunic$69.95 $49.99Top Rated
Women Softie Tunic$69.95 $49.99
Women Ellie Tee$59.95 $39.99Top Rated
Women Giovanna Shirt$89.95 $59.99Top Rated
Women Painterly Tunic$89.95 $59.99Top Rated
Women Stevie Top$79.95 $49.99Top Rated
Women So Cozy Pullover$79.95 $49.99Top Rated
Women Danica Shirt$79.95 $49.99Top Rated
Women Modena Shirt$79.95 $49.99Top Rated
Women Seri Sweater$79.95 $49.99Top Rated
Women Dylan Swing Top$69.95 $39.99Top Rated
Women Hollace Tunic$74.95 $39.99Top Rated
Women Ava Tunic$79.95 $39.99Top Rated
Women Adeline Shirt$79.95 $39.98Top Rated
Women Elisha Tunic$79.95 $39.98Top Rated
Women Tiare Tee$79.95 $39.99Top Rated
Women Arroyo Top$79.95 $29.98Top Rated
Women Kayla Sweater$79.95 $19.99Top Rated

During the cooler months, our women's long sleeve shirts can keep you comfortable and looking great. Our huge variety of styles, colors and fabrics allow you to combine these tops with jeans, slacks, and skirts to create some truly distinctive looks. Our color range is truly extraordinary. Whether you are looking for neutrals, pastels, or jewel tones, you'll find them here, both in solids and prints. While you can find classic long sleeve tops in simple styles, many of our offerings are truly eye-catching. Look for details like asymmetrical hems, lace embellishments, and distinctive buttons.You can also choose from multiple styles including tunics, button-down shirts, and sweaters. Of course, all of our shirts are incredibly soft, and you can check the softness rating before you decide on the right top for you.Take a few minutes to browse our selection and treat yourself, or someone you care about, to something beautiful today.